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Ignis aurum probat.
Anna Steinerová


Anna Steiner is a creator and designer of jewelry. Her work demonstrates that creative ideas can be expressed through small and simple shapes.  Her creations function like a work of art worn on the body, yet look just as striking laid on the table. They cannot be overlooked but do not dominate as they deliver just enough to awaken our curiosity. Anna welcomes the challenge of experimenting with materials that allow her to enhance the natural modular nature of forms.  Only then can she offer the jewelry in its new and concrete form to potential owners. The ability and the need to build a monumental shape occupying a minimum of space is central to the creation of the Anne Steiner ring.  This delicate strength profoundly affects a wide range of personalities.Anna Steiner creates systems that work and from its onset one of the goals of this jewelry line was to promote social change.   Thus, all sales support a nonprofit organization dedicated to the inclusion of the disadvantaged. Anna powers this mission with passion and an open mind.  Everything fits together, everything revolves, as it should.Anna Steiner's jewelry communicates the significance and impact of words to build a real dialogue that can make us better people outrunning gloom and loneliness. Anna Steiner has opened up new horizons and she deserves my thanks.

Matejovičová Petra, Mgr.

Head of the collection, curator of precious metals and various materials UPM

Irena Svobodová

Author of photos, site manager and manager of social media, communication with the media and customers, event marketing.